Spiritual Boot Camp

Spiritual Boot Camp is right for you if: 

  • You feel overwhelmed, especially in crowds

  • You feel responsible for other people's feelings

  • You find it difficult to focus on your higher purpose goals

  • You struggle with low self esteem and self doubt

In the Spiritual Boot Camp you will learn skills to address these concerns.

Give yourself 5 weeks to learn spiritual techniques that will change your life!

Week by week - What we will cover

Week 1:  You will embark on a journey to meet your future self.  This path will instill confidence and permit you to live the life you desire.

Week 2: You will learn how to shield yourself so that you are not affected by other people's energy. Shielding helps end co-dependency, anxiety and difficulty focusing.

Week 3: Body Mapping - learn about pressure points that you can touch to help you feel centered, confident and more focused.  We will also talk about the oils you can use to anoint your body to help you feel confident, beautiful and clear minded.

Week 4: Spiritual Hygiene - learn about the five layers of the aura, seven chakaras, and how to keep them clear of others people's energy. Learn how to cut cords and clear your field of unwanted energy. You will also learn which smudge to use when.

Week 5: Grounding techniques - learn breathing techniques, mudras and self love techniques to help you get grounded, centred and super relaxed.

The entire course is available online.

If you would like support throughout the course, we can do a weekly coaching session.  We will hop on the phone together for half an hour to discuss your lesson or help you clear any doubts you might have.  I will send you a recording of our session.

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*Canadian Empaths please contact me to arrange payment.

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