Visions Confirmed by a Hospitable Community

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

February 9th, 2019. Congregation Etz Chayim, 123 Matheson Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We attended the Saturday 9 am service and then were invited to the kiddush (a lunch)  afterwards.

When we entered the synagogue, I saw 6 angels wearing blue fitted robes. They were above the pulpit, normal human size. They did not have wings and had dark brown hair. They were hovering above the pulpit, facing the congregation. There were also two cherubs floating either side of the Torah with curly black hair. They did have wings though.

I have never seen angels without wings, but they conveyed to me that they were angels. What is amazing about our trips to various places of worship is that my own understanding of Spirit and God does not influence what I see. Every place is a new discovery, because I realize that Spirit shows up in the way the faithful believe.

I was curious as to why the angels had no wings and did some research. According to Wikipedia, “ in many passages from the Tanakh, angels are utilized as messengers; indeed, there is no specific Hebrew equivalent for the English word “angel”. Angels seem to have the appearance of ordinary humans; they are typically men and (unlike seraphim), have no wings.” 

This was a very interesting service.  I do not understand Hebrew at all. So I was very surprised that when they were describing how to build a mobile altar, I saw one appear right in front of me.  Later, when I told some attendees they confirmed that the sermon was about building the mobile altar and that the one I saw was the Arc of the Covenant!

The readings were in Hebrew, so I had no idea why I watched something that looked like a wooden box with fancy detailing appearing on the altar.  It was goldish brown with two poles that were attached to a rectangular box. So that it could be carried. I have never seen a picture of the Ark of the Covenant, but later, when we were looking at the artifacts in the glass case in the lobby, I saw a replica of what I had seen on the altar. I pointed it out to Taras and told him that it had appeared when the cantors were singing on the altar.

King David was also here, just as he was at Sharey Zadek Synagogue. King David was sitting on a throne with a Star of David on the back of it. He was on the right hand side of the pulpit. He was wearing a bluish beige robe that was tight to his body with sleeves. He had a crown.  His gray hair was long just over shoulder length. He also had a moustache and beard. 

During another part of the sermon, a man with  a ribbon tied around his head appeared. He had something tied around his forehead like a headband and a small box on it. I only saw the front of him. He had curly hair, sideburns and a beard with dark, big eyes. He was wearing a robe that was darker coloured. He was standing behind the pulpit. 

None of these visions were coexisting, all appeared and then disappeared, except for the cherubim which were constantly there on either side of the Torah cabinet. 

I also saw a symbol that was in front of the whole altar. It called itself the “Tree of Life”, it was 3 spheres one on top of the other. We found out later that Etz Chayim in hebrew means the tree of life. The image seemed to be a long staff or trunk with rotating balls positioned on top of each other. We attempted to find a similar symbol in Kabbalah pictures and jewish symbols but couldn’t. This symbol was 3d,  it was a bluish colour with a golden aura. The top sphere seemed to be turning. 

As I described what I saw to the attendees, they made sense of my visions.  They said I likely saw the Ark of the Covenant. They said that the prayer box and long curly sideburns were things worn by very orthodox Jews.  It was fascinating to have them make sense of what I had seen on the altar! It was very validating and their reception was so welcoming.

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