The Power of Symbols in Places of Worship

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Band at Springs

During our visits to many churches, Taras and I found that many of the Christian churches were pretty empty, however, the mosques, Buddhist temples and Gurudwaras were very full. I saw so many beautiful angels, helping saints and deities in the churches, but despite this, the masses were very low in attendance. We heard that the evangelist churches were really full, so we went to see if we could figure out why.

We attended Springs Church, on Lagimodiere Boulevard.on October 21st, 2018,

a hugely popular church here in Winnipeg. It has a school from preschool to grade 12. It also houses two coffee shops, one of them a Starbucks, an ice cream parlor and a skateboard park.

We are guided to park in first time visitors parking which is close to the entrance of the church and then greeted at the door and given a first time gift bag with a coupon for a free coffee at Starbucks. We sit close to the “stage”. It’s nothing like an altar. There are no spiritual icons or images. A rock band sings pop Christian songs. Their faces are projected onto a big screen. There is literally no divinity present in the church. There are no crosses, no pictures, nothing to resonate that this is a Christian church. The church is a gym during the week and on the weekends the chairs are set up for the rock hymns. It has professional movie cameras and lighting equipment that broadcasts the service to all its affiliate churches and people at home. This church is extremely well organized, they have a number of prayer meetings every Sunday, and have many ways that a member can donate to the church.

The sermon begins with praises for the founder of the church and his wife. It feels very cult like.

After the service we approached the young man who gave the sermon. He’s the founders son-in-law. He spoke about how Jesus was the only way. I felt that he was pretty closed minded, a good orator and very persuasive. He was quite proud that his work in the church was allowing his young family to build a brand new home in Calgary. It seemed that he had flown in from Calgary and that they had a church in Calgary that was popular and well attended. Taras wanted to ask him why there was no divinity in his church, however, his professional courtesy stopped him from asking this question.

Church of the Rock

The second Evangelical church we visited was Church of the Rock1397 Buffalo Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba. We attended the Christmas Mass at 9:45 am. It was a wonderful show and preaching by Pastor Mark. During the sermon he mentioned professional hockey players that attended his church in Calgary.

There wasn’t any divinity in the church or stage. However, in discussing our experience after the service with Pastor Keith, we asked why there weren’t any Christian symbols, such as a cross or icon, on the stage and he said that they would be in the way. He asked if he could pray for us and that’s when I saw Jesus. He appeared in the centre of the circle we were standing in. Jesus was roughly 5’11’’, he was slim, he was wearing a long white garment, the sleeves were loose. He was also wearing a shawl overtop of the garment that was a brown colour. He looked very Semitic, similar to all the other sightings of Jesus I had. He had his hands in prayer position as if he was praying with us. This was proof that where two or three are gathered in prayer Jesus appears.

It was also a testament to the fact that the construction of a church space is very important. In order to bring in divinity one needs to ideally determine if there are any positive vortices in the area. Also, religious places that brought in the outdoors with light, helped in creating a holy place. Furthermore, symbols of the religion, such as crosses, icons, statues, are key in creating instruments for communication with the divine. Finally, a place of worship that is built with the chakra system in mind, i.e. having a crown chakra i.e. altar for the priests or clergy, a heart chakra area for services for the faithful , helps in developing a building where communication with the divine is more profound and facilitated. Although, a rock band is fun and can be quite entertaining, our experience has proven that the divine realms seem to be more in tune with a higher frequency vibration that tended to be more vocal based.

Lastly, we would like to conclude that numbers of followers or the membership does not determine the holiness of a place of worship, it is a testament to the programming of the religion and how it connects with its audience. Rock music is popular now, however, successful programming for an audience doesn’t mean clear communication with the divine. We have attended places of worship, where we were the only ones in the church, that brought me to tears in its holiness. These were places where the deities and God appeared. They were built with specific use of light, statues, and pictures to create a place where the reverence was physically felt.

Christmas at the Rock