The Church was the Heart of the Community

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

September 1, 2019. Lutheran Church of the Cross, 560 Arlington St., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Holy Spirit was very present in the church. The church itself was simple. There were no icons. There was a cross as well as a statue of Jesus   While there weren’t any visits from Spirit, there was the warm, welcoming glow of Holy Spirit. 

Pastor Lenis Francis said a wonderful sermon about attendance in Church.  The community was small, maybe thirty people. All of them over sixty. 

The sermon was about how people are moving away from going to church. This is something Taras and I notice often. It’s sad because it such a soothing thing to take an hour of one’s day to pray for others and reflect on our blessings as a congregation. 

We prayed together for the sick, for those who were experiencing a hurricane. It’s a comforting feeling to do this with others. 

It’s also a heart opening experience to wish everyone peace and say the Lord’s Prayer together. 

The sermon also touched on how ancestors who didn’t pass down belief in God, world leaders focussed on power , those involved in upholding justice; police, judges who did not make things fair and media focussed on capitalism were all causes for people to move away from God. 

I have to say, I agree very much with what was said. I hope that people will continue to gather together to pray, serve and spread the love. I have gained so much peace and personal growth by visiting holy places and hope that we don’t lose the special gems.