Stairway to Heaven

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

November 4, 2018. Chua Hai Hoi Buddhist Temple. 383 Dufferin Ave. in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We were very excited to go to this temple because it looks like a pagoda from the outside. The unique architecture makes it really stand out on the streets of Winnipeg.

There are two staircases that lead up to the prayer hall and two wings with the altar in the middle. We were escorted to sit by the doors and face the altar. On the immediate right, a lady was playing a very large prayer bell. The continual, rhythm of this bell made it really easy to go into meditation.

I could not see the altar or any of the Statues / icons from where I was sitting due to the fact that I am legally blind. I saw them in spirit however. In front of the bell, I saw an armed guard with a sword. in fact, I saw that there was a protective guard on either side of the temple. The one on the left looked like the Hindu elephant headed God Ganesha to me.  When we asked a devotee in the temple, they mentioned that what looked like a trunk to me in my vision was actually a long tongue that spilled out of his mouth and reached the floor. They said that they did not have space for this deity but that usually it was on the left hand side of the temple. I saw that it was indeed there in spirit.

I saw Kwan Yin, who is a goddess of compassion located on the right front of the temple. She was wearing a long robe with a hat and her right hand was held upright and forward, palm facing forward. She told me that she was Kwan Yin and that she was there to offer love to everyone who came to the temple. On the main altar, in the front there is a very large Buddha. I felt that he was there to help people focus on their spiritual growth. Beside this Buddha, but a bit to the back there were two other Buddhas. During the ceremony, I saw the faces of many deceased spirits hovering over the devotees who were chanting in the temple. I was really confused as to why these people were hovering over the temple.. When I asked them, they told me that they knew that the temple was a place where they could get guidance into heaven and that their loved ones would be there, offering food and prayers for their happy and safe passage through the bardo and into the light.

I could feel that the bardo was open. The bardo is a series of tunnels that the soul may journey through on the way out of the body. It can be confusing for souls to journey through this passage. Relatives can help their loved ones journey through this passage with their prayers and food offerings. I could see that there was a being on the left side of the altar guiding the souls on their way to heaven. That being looked like Buddha. The temple felt like a portal for the bardo. Later, when we spoke to a devotee she told us that the Buddha on the left side of the temple helped guide people to heaven.

In a much higher realm I saw a grandfather figure, a big laughing Buddha, who was light. He had a mild tinge of blue. He had a big tummy, he was smiling and raising his hands up above his head. I also saw Nagas, which are snake type beings with wings. They are part of the Buddhist philosophy. They didn’t have a gender. I saw them hovering all over the temple. They were positive beings with ethereal colours, mostly reddish gold. I felt that they were vibrating a specific energy that helped people in their prayer. They help in creating a cohesiveness.

I am always apprehensive to share what I see with people. I worry that they will be uncomfortable and am afraid they won’t believe me. Taras always finds the right person to talk to about what I see. I was so touched when a kind young woman who was explaining everything to us responded with such happiness She said that she always came to the temple but was never sure if the ancestors really came. She was so touched to hear that I saw the relatives coming for help. It helped her feel stronger in her faith. I feel so blessed to share what I see in these holy places with the devotees who come there. I am starting to realize that sharing what I see is like guiding people. I often need help and guidance in the physical world by sighted people and I am starting to understand that I am a guide for people who are not spiritually sighted..

Lastly, we were graciously invited to a delicious vegetarian meal that they had prepared lovingly in the downstairs hall. They offered us a very beautiful feast and we had a wonderful conversation about spirituality. It was such a touching experience for all of us.

This Search for Divinity is proving to be such a beautiful learning experience for not only us, but for the devotees in the temple. It feels like Divinity is blessing us on our way and opening our hearts and minds as we go. If you are interested in having us visit your place of worship please contact us.  We would love to witness the divinity there.