March 17, 2019. St. Ivan Suchavsky Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Main St., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Taras and I attended the “Feast of Orthodoxy” celebrations, which marked the beginning of lent for the Orthodox faithful. 

The church was a small, ornate community church. There was such a beautiful divine feminine feeling as soon as we entered the church. It felt like a womb. The community was small, but all of the members sang together. 

Saint Ivan graced the church with his presence.  He was holding a scroll. He was moving from above the altar and overtop the cantor’s podium. He was roughly around 5 '8'’ to 5' 10’’. He was wearing a long, dark brown coat.  His had straight, shoulder length, brown hair and a beard and moustache. I also saw a small, chubby cherub beside St. Ivan. It was roughly 2 feet tall with white wings. Cherubs always bring a playful energy with them!

The priest said a wonderful sermon.  He said people shouldn’t attend church for the parish priest, but for the church, because the priest wasn’t a true representation of Christ. We then observed a moleben (memorial) for the 50 muslims killed in the mosque massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand.