Pride through the Clairvoyant Eye

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Free Hugs

If you are reading this article and don't know who I am, let me introduce myself. My name is Christine. I am a legally blind woman who has been seeing the spirit world since I was a young child. My partner Taras and I enjoy attending events just like any ordinary couple. Very often though, I see things in the spirit world that he finds interesting and inspiring. He has been encouraging me to share what I see with others. He feels my visions are not just for me, but that they are meant to share so that other people can be inspired and filled with hope. It took him a while to convince me! I can be a bit shy and stubborn. As I started to share what I saw with people, I was moved by their responses. Many people cried tears of joy and many people said that my visions helped strengthen their faith in their religion or helped them believe that they are not alone. They were touched to know that Spirit is with them, guiding them and comforting them. I did not expect the Pride event to turn into a spiritual event, but it did and so, I am sharing what I saw with you.

The last week in May is celebrated as Pride week. Pride week is a beautiful celebration of people who are LGBTQ. I love attending these celebrations because there’s such an energy of acceptance and freedom. People dress up very colorfully and there is a lot of artistry in some of the outfits. Standing in a huge crowd of people who are freely expressing their truth is very heart opening. I think about how these Pride days must have evolved over time as society opened their minds to the LGBTQ community. The celebration we are attending is safe and full of love, but that hasn't always been the case, nor is it the case in all countries where people are gathering to bring awareness and equality for LGBTQ. I take a moment to mentally thank all of the people who have struggled to make this event possible and peaceful and to all of those who are still struggling for equality

The first thing we see is a person dressed in a gorgeous white gown with rainbow hearts all over it. She was also wearing huge angel wings. Beside her was a young man in a tutu with a sign that said free hugs. We both hugged him. I remember reading online that people were giving hugs to the LGBTQ people who were rejected by their families or communities. What a beautiful gesture. All of us are looking to be part of the human tribe. All of us need to know that we are safe and accepted just as we are.

We spent a bit of time listening to an amazing band and wandered through the various food, information and vending booths.

Healing Circle

We came to a quieter area where there was a sacred circle of First Nations people who were singing for missing people and LGBTQ people who had passed on. All of the singers and elders hosting the circle were LGBTQ. The first woman I met had so much sky energy around her. The sky was open above her with a cascade of stars and a ray of light. When I asked her about this she said she was a thunderbird. I have met a few people who had a huge thunderbird as their spirit animal. They seemed to be people who were channels of wisdom or change makers. It felt like her elders were channeling ancient wisdom to her to that she could share it with people in present day.

A woman began to sing and drum and I saw a big gold and black eagle fly above us all in spirit. I was told her spirit name was Singing Eagle woman. The eagle was her soul animal, coming to bring healing through her voice. She sang her second song and I saw fiery beings appear and dance around the fire. They said they were dancing to help people have the courage to live in and express their truth. We were told that it was a Sasquatch song. The Sasquatch live between the animal and human kingdom and teach people to be true to who they are and not pretend to be or try to be something they’re not. They come in visions to tell people to stand in their truth and also, to guide people to protect the earth. They honoured this event with their presence to both encourage people to be true to who they are and to remind people to speak up and share their truth and protect what is sacred to them, including our Mother Earth.

Healing Songs

During the next song, many animal guides came in and flew above people. I saw a hawk fly over Taras and lift heavy energy out of his heart. I saw many lost souls above the fire being guided home. I felt the singers were all being guided by their ancestors to carry ancient wisdom forward to protect the earth. I feel these singers are custodians of sacred wisdom and that their songs enable spirit guides to come to earth as helpers and healers. I often see angles or guides appear when people are singing sacred songs. Before meeting Taras, I would have never considered sharing this with anyone. He encouraged me to tell people that they have guides singing with them. The people I have shared my visions with have been very touched that their guides do appear when they sing. Most of them share that they do feel very spiritually inspired when they sing and are happy for the confirmation that Spirit is indeed flowing through them. As I reflect on this now I see that me sharing what I see is similar to them sharing their gift of song. They are singing to bring joy, peace and comfort and to bridge heaven and earth. My visions do the same thing. They connect people to the Spirit world that they may not be able to see and instill hope and faith.

It was an honour to be invited into their circle. When we were ready to leave, we made our prayer ties and tied them to the tree of life. My tie was for all lost and lonely souls to feel my love and the love of creator who loves all beings equally. Taras made his tie for people who were feeling suicidal that they may receive the love they need to lighten their hearts sand see their way out of the darkness.

At the end of the day the tree would be offered into the fire so that the spirits would receive our prayers and love and guide lost souls to ascend up to be with their ancestors.

I am grateful to the elders who held this prayer. They invited Spirit to be a part of the celebrations and honoured those who forged the path for it to be possible. This was a place of deep healing in the midst of an otherwise joyfully chaotic event. It gave honour to those who might have lost their lives due to discrimination, violence or loneliness. I am honoured to have found the ceremony and feel inspired to know that Spirit is working with elders to bring the healing wisdom to more and more public events. We have much to heal on our planet and in our hearts and the healers who connect heaven and earth and invite unseen Spirit guides to help us through their songs are doing a huge service to our planet. As we heal suffering from all sad hearts we will be able to come together as one people to care for our sacred home, Mother Earth.