Sacred Art

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

November 25, 2018. St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, 404 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ontario.

Visiting this church was one of my most profound spiritual experiences.  I’ve allowed myself to be totally open to Spirit as a child, and in Hindu temples as an adult.  As an adult, I was always afraid to allow myself to open fully to God in churches. I think this is largely due to the lack of belief that people can communicate with and feel Spirit in many Christian traditions.  I’m always afraid of judgment and ridicule in churches. This church, however, was so powerful that I could not stop myself from going into deep trance. I could feel the energy rise up my spine and opening all of my chakras  - spiritual energy centres. When the energy rises all the way to the top of my head I can see the church being flooded with spiritual light - holy light. I am bathed in bliss.

The energy that rises up one's spine is called Kundalini Shakti in Sanskrit.  The word Kundalini means the force at the base of the spine. This energy is typically “sleeping”, but meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices can rouse it causing rapture!  Sometimes holy places naturally raise the kundalini, evoking a feeling of joy, bliss and tingling through the entire body. This can happen in nature, places of worship or places where people are in communion with each other or God.  A precursor to Kundalini movement up the spine is the shivers you get when you hear people singing in harmony or the tears that come to you eyes when you see something that brings you joy. These are the beginning signs of spiritual connectedness.

Connecting to Spirit can happen in any place of worship, regardless of the religion.  It can also happen in nature. People of all faiths or spiritual orientations can grow in their spiritual mastery, awakening and openness. 

Some things that assist spiritual evolution include:

Self inquiry - becoming more aware of the things you do that connect you to joy and the things that cause you stress and choosing more and more the things that bring you true inner peace - not sensory gratification which leads to a crash after the fun wears off.

Meditating or practicing movement with awareness, such as yoga or martial arts.

Spending quiet time in nature

Singing or playing spiritual music


Studying with a teacher who has attained mastery

Volunteering or doing things that helps others

Over the past year, Taras and I have visited over 30 places of worship.  Due to my meditation practice since childhood and my lifelong spiritual inquiry, I have deepened my clairvoyance.  I convey to Taras what I see when we visit the places of worship. In our experiences of searching, we have found that there are several factors that affect the presence of Spirit and the ability of the attendees to connect more deeply and have a richer spiritual experience:

Natural light via stained glass or large windows and plants or flowers

Spiritual images: icons or statues

Natural or architectural vortexes

Spiritual music and singing or chanting in harmony

When these are present, Spirit has been more present.

I think that the places that had the most intense Kundalini awakening were the places that had very powerful, natural vortexes.  The altar at Gateway Evangelical church was right in the middle of a huge natural vortex. This made the sermon and singing so amplified that many of the parishioners were swaying and raising their faces and hands to God! St. Volodymyr Cathedral had the presence of vortices created by the incredibly beautiful, channeled icons that graced the front of the church.  One of the Gurudwaras we visited evoked Kundalini through the deep devotional singing of the Gyanis and the Buddhist temples, with the methodical chanting and playing of bells, gongs and drums allowed the mind to drop so the spiritual energy could awaken. There are many approaches to waking up spiritual energy, these are based on faith traditions and the cultures they arise from.  Neither of them are superior to the other, they are all just different ways to get the faithful into the God Zone! 

Though the words Kundalini Shakti are Sanskrit, they describe an energy that is not owned by any faith tradition.  Kundalini Shakti is universal, everybody has spiritual energy within them that they can grow - including plants and animals!  I feel that when we all realize that we are one people we will develop a love and respect for any path that grows this spiritual bliss!  When we are one connected to bliss, we will live in a world devoid of war, racism and marginalization.

“Kundalini Shakti is each individual’s own personal spiritual director, who strives to lead us to constant awareness of the Source.  It is Kundalini Shakti who empowers our striving for spiritual attainment and who works to lead us to full spiritual realization. All human beings, regardless of era, religion, or culture, are vessels of this holy omnipotent, luminous presence that ardently urges us to cooperate with her efforts to increase our spiritual awareness and growth. It is each seeker’s task to understand how best to assist her in her dedicated service for our enlightenment.”

This cathedral was so powerful because of the incredible channeled artwork and the beautiful domes that helped to open the crown and heart chakras. The icons were absolutely breathtaking. The artists undoubtedly created them with the help of spiritual beings. The images had so much depth and life in them that it felt that I was having a vision of God looking at them. 

This was a very touching personal experience for Taras because this was the church he grew up in. I was honoured that he wanted to share it with me. 

As soon as we walked in, I could feel the kundalini shakti. Also, I felt there was a sacred food offering being made. As we approached the altar, we saw that, indeed, there was an offering of kolaches or ornate bread being made as a memorial for the victims of the Ukrainian Holodomor - famine.

The blessed Virgin Mary immediately started calling me to the altar. I saw her standing there,  wearing a long, blue dress with yellow trim. Taras told me that blue and yellow are the colours of the Ukrainian flag and we thought perhaps she was offering her support and condolences.  She had a scarf, draped over her head. Her arms were outstretched and she had a shawl stretched over them. Again, I’m amazed how our deities show up with humility and understanding of the faithful’s traditions. 

Taras’ dad - John Machula introduced himself to me. He had passed in January 2018. John had been a member of this church for many years. He was above the St. Nicholas’ icon, above the iconostas. He was wearing a  baggy yellow shirt with a white embroidered shawl around his neck. He was happy and excited to communicate. He was thrilled he could be seen. He had a full head of thick grey hair. He lost his hair in his 30s and was bald on top of his head all his life. He seemed to be in good health in spirit and was present at church to partake of the ceremony being performed. 

When I turned to tell Taras that his dad was present, he wasn’t beside me. He was in the centre of the church holding a very large candle that was handed to him for the memorial service. When I did tell Taras about his father being there, John was very happy. He was very excited that he could communicate with me and that I could pass along his message. He thanked Taras for visiting his grave site, which we did early that day. It means a lot to those who have passed to be remembered by their loved ones. I saw St. Nicholas as well. He told me that he wanted there to be no more fighting and that people should put down their weapons. He expressed sorrow at the war caused by religion and wanted people of all faith traditions to accept each other. 

I could hear Archangel Michael calling me from the left side of the church. I expected there to be an icon of him but the voice was coming near a large icon of the crucifixion. I finally went in the direction I was hearing him and found a picture of him face up on a table beneath the crucifixion icon. I was amazed to have been guided by him to his picture!

Archangel Gabriel appeared on the right side of the iconostas. He had a trumpet in his right hand and shoulder length blonde hair. He was wearing a long flowing gold robe.  He was slender and tall. 

I saw St. Volodymyr who was the namesake of this Cathedral. St. Volodymyr was the ruler that brought Christianity to Ukraine in 988 a.d..There is an icon to him on the iconostas. He was quite stout.  He was wearing a vest type armour, with a breastplate. He was holding a sword in his right hand. He had a stubble beard. His brown hair was cut in a bowl cut, though he was a king, or as Ukrainian’s say a kniaz, he wore no crown.

My guides told me to go to a northern vestibule. There was a beautiful painting of Jesus when he spent forty days in the desert. It was such a healing image. The guides told me to take a photo of it and share it with anyone struggling with addiction. They said it is capable of bestowing blessings on people recovering from addiction. This was literally a channeled image of Jesus; trial in the desert.  The power of him overcoming his trials could be imparted to anyone facing their own trials!

The angels directed me to go to the icon of Christ’s birth. They told me that people can pray to it when they need relief from illness and suffering. This icon looked three dimensional to me. I could see other realms in it. 

Beside the image of Jesus’ birth was an icon to Jesus’ crucifixion. The angels told me that this was exactly how it looked when Jesus resurrected.  I was told that when you pray in front of it, it will help you with ascension because it contained within it the energy of Christ's ascension!

I was in a deep trance while standing near the front of the church and Taras had to hold me up, otherwise I would have fallen. I was in tears and couldn’t believe the power that these icons had and the blessings that Spirit wanted to gift the congregation through those sacred images.  What a rare blessing!

This cathedral had two domes. One was over the altar or head of the church similar to the crown chakra and the other was in front of the iconostas, similar to the heart chakra. 

Chakras are spiritual centres in the human body that ascend along the spinal column.  When the heart chakra is opened, we feel more capable of true compassion and unconditional love.  When the crown chakra is open we feel more connected to Source or the light of God.

During our visit, a family was having a private memorial service. I felt that they were praying to heaven for their dad. Their dad who had passed away was there. They were asking heaven to take him and their prayers opened up the higher realms, which permit the angels to come and bless the people that were praying.  The light coming from heaven to this church was blinding, it was a very high frequency, other churches have a more mellow golden light.  

I was amazed how icons could create this kundalini activation.  It's always so recharging to dissolve into bliss. I am so grateful for the experience I had at this church. 

“Kundalini is not a path in itself but a universal process. It is the essential common factor that is the key to all spiritual experiences regardless of an individual’s religious or spiritual orientation. Kundalini Shakti is the means for deepening our connection to our spiritual endeavor and to the Divine Source itself.”

I found that these icons had a particularly strong ability to foster and create this effect in the heart of the person standing before them. It was an immense blessing to visit this beautiful church. The frequency was so high. The icons were blessed, breathtaking portals of healing.  I hope you can feel the blessings through the images I’ve included.