Prayer for the Earth

September 27, 20019 All Saints Anglican Church 

175 Colony Street, Winnipeg. MB

We attended a multifaith prayer service for the health of our planet at All Saints Anglican Church before the climate march. 

I walked in a little late due to the fact that my bus was late - something I frequently rant about…

As I got off the bus and typed the address of the church into google maps, my guides directed me to simply cross the street. I was about to ignore them but decided against it. Low and behold, as I crossed the street I could see the sign that said All Saints!  I thanked my guides for making navigation so much easier for me. It’s fabulous to have that back up as a legally blind person 

As I walked in, I could feel the all encompassing glow of Holy Spirit. I was happy to see how full the church was. I sat at the front and hoped Taras would find me. Sure enough, within two minutes of me sitting down he came and sat beside me. It’s still novel to me that people can see other people from across the room in a crowded place!

A beautiful Indigenous grandmother came to drum and lead us in prayer. As soon as she started drumming, I saw a woman over her right shoulder. The woman had a medicine bag and seemed to be her elder. Her drumming created bands of coloured energy. It was like I could see the sound of the drum. It was light purple. A buffalo appeared and danced in the bands of energy. 

The next man led us in the gym: “For the Beauty of the Earth”   As he sang, angels appeared in the altar behind him. The energy of the Holy Spirit continued to surround us as we sent our planet love. 

People with reduced mobility led us out of the church, to the rally. I found that so touching. This way they could set the pace and not get left behind   

The rally was so inspiring it was led by youth and indigenous people. The point was made that most reserved land is protected by indigenous people. They said that the people who have been ignored in the past will now raise their voices to protect our planet. 

The powerful speeches and conviction of the speaker’s was so motivating. 

The rally was completely peaceful. There were chants and drummers and musicians. It made for a very inspiring day. Seeing so many people come together in peace for one unified cause is the most spiritual experience I’ve had thus far!