Magical Messages from Nature

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

August  10, 2019  Bannock Point Petroforms

I have been hearing that the Whiteshell is very beautiful and spiritually magical so I was really excited when Taras suggested we go see what type of spiritual presence was there. 

The day started out very sunny in winnipeg and there was only a 20% chance of rain. Almost as soon as we set foot on the trail it started to rain!  The energy was so incredible. The trees were so old. There was amazing biodiversity in the plants. As we came closer to the petroforms, I saw a big giant bird in my inner vision. I think it was a thunder bird. It showed me that this place is protected by prayers and will be protected forever. Walking on the earth, it felt like I could feel the subtle channels of the earth. I could feel water beneath her surface. The ground is covered by stone!  Yet, beneath my feet I could feel the energy. I could feel the vital, acupressure points under my feet. I was searching for the bird petroform. Later, when I saw a map of the petroforms I wondered if the one called the lodge was actually the bird I had been looking for. 

We went on to Rainbow Falls after visiting the petroforms. The feeling there was so ancient and magical. I heard a voice tell me there used to be grouse all over this land. The water was so magical. There were these large boulders in it and the entire energy was just so expansive. 

After visiting the falls, we went for a hike.  There were blueberries and raspberries growing in the forest and there was a beautiful river that we came upon. On the way back, we heard a grouse!

I felt such a strong and obvious presence of spirit and the five sacred elements everywhere in the Whitesell. It’s definitely an experience worth having!