Jesus’ Journey

Friday March 22, 2019. St. Anne’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, 35 Marcie St., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our journey to this church began with a Lenten friday fish supper for Easter.  The food was fabulous and we sat with some lovely people.

We then learned that there was a mass to follow so found our way up out of the hall and into the church.  The church was being renovated, so it was not in its usual state. I was thrilled and excited to find out that it was a stations of the cross mass.  I had only been to one when I was a child and it was performed as a live enactment of Jesus’s steps toward his crucifixion.

During this mass the priest asked the children to light a candle at each station, the stained glass portraits of the stages were not hung, so they stations were presented by the windows of the church.  At each station, there was a reading that was sung by the congregation. It was such a beautiful and touching mass. It was so beautiful to hear the steps Jesus took toward his painful crucifixion and how at each step in his path he cried out to God for humanity and how Mary cried out for her son to live.  Taras was very moved by this mass. It was the first stations of the cross he had attended.

The crucifix of the church was not hung so St. Andrew showed up on the right side of the altar to hold the protective aura of the church.  He was wearing a long shirt and pants. He held a book in his right hand. He was about 5 '8”, he had dark brown hair and a grey and brown beard.  He was wearing a cross around his neck.

I also saw a dark haired woman.  Her energy was very strong and protective.  She was very powerful, not a passive woman at all.  She looked middle Eastern with dark black hair and brown skin.  She was about 5’5”. She was standing on the left side of the altar.  She had such a powerful aura that I could not really see the colour of her clothes.  She was St. Anne, maternal grandmother of Jesus.

There were not too many people in attendance for this mass compared to the number in attendance for the feast, but even still, the power of the prayers was so touching.  It felt like the hearts of everyone who was present were open wide to witness the love that Jesus had for humanity.