In the Rapture of Holy Spirit

September 8, 2019. Gateway Church 851 Panet road Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This church is set up in a gymnasium of a school called King’s School We entered through the side door. There was a foyer where the welcoming committee ushered people into the gym which was transformed into the place of worship. There were chairs arranged in an arc around the front stage. There was a band playing christian rock.   

When we were about  half way into the gym, I could feel an immense surge of spiritual energy. I noticed that many of the parishioners were standing, swaying or lifting their hands and faces to the sky. I could feel the rush of spiritual energy flow up through me too. In Sanskrit, this is called Kundalini Shakti. It’s the energy that is latent at the base of our spine that can be raised through spiritual practices. When this energy wakes up, it sends a surge of bliss up your spine and out through the crown of your head and finger tips. This makes people throw their heads and hands up in praise. It can make people shake and convulse if it’s too high of a frequency. 

I was wondering why this was happening, so  I walked to the front of the room to find our seats so I could observe things more closely. I picked a seat in the third row. I could see the Holy Spirit enveloping the entire gym. I noticed that there were two guardian angels hovering above a fake plant on either side of the stage. They were wearing long, magenta robes with bell sleeves. They were about six feet tall. I felt they were managing the energy of the vortex, healing the congregation and inspiring the musicians. I also noticed an enormous vortex that encompassed the stage and front of the gym. I understood that this vortex was naturally raising the spiritual energy up in people, bringing them into a state of rapture!

As pastor Ron MacLean began to deliver his sermon, I saw a blonde woman, with shoulder length hair and bangs, above him with her arms outstretched. She was wearing a blue robe, much like those worn by choir singers. She was a robust woman. She seemed very wise. At first I thought she was an angel, but now I wonder if she is one of his guides. 

At the end of the service they called people forward to pray, as is customary in evangelist churches. Far more people came forward than I’d seen in other churches. I imagine that praying right inside this positive vortex must have felt very healing.

I could feel so much healing energy flowing out of me and through me. When people with healing gifts sit in the Holy Spirit the healing is amplified. I could feel the guides move through me to send love and healing to the little boy sitting in front of me. I felt the healing extend to those sitting close to me. 

I felt so cleansed from this experience. Waking up spiritual energy is like having a spiritual bath. Walking around in a world full of sadness, stress, chaos and competition wears a person down without even knowing it!  I feel so rejuvenated after attending this church. It was such a cleansing and healing experience. 

Pastor Ron spoke about the Holy Spirit being very near and literally we were all blessed to be bathing in Holy Spirit at this mass! 

Taras asked Pastor Ron if he knew about the vortex and he was unaware. I feel there are things that could be done to expand the reach of the positive effects of the vortex. It would be wonderful to expand it so that it could be felt in the entire building!