God in Our Midst

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

January 20th, Meditations and Teaching for Self Realization, Meetup Group, Fleming Ave., Winnipeg, MB.

This was a very nice meet up group hosted in the sponsor’s home. Michelle was very hospitable and provided a sumptuous vegan feast and chai tea for all of the attendees. She had transformed her basement into a place of prayer and meditation. There were beautiful pictures of leaders and deities from all of the world’s religions. The floor was covered with white sheets and pillows, for those who wanted to sit on the floor and chairs for those who couldn’t. She had a small stage set up with a microphone, projector and screen for the meditation facilitator-Vijay S. 

Taras and I sat on the floor in front of where Vijay would present. He was a bit late due to poor road conditions.  Despite the blizzard, he did show up to create a beautiful evening for all of us. As I waited for him to arrive I began meditating.  Krishna appeared in my inner vision wearing a Dhoti or sarang and a shawl. He looked beautiful, he had long, curly hair and flawless skin.  His nose was pierced and he was playing a flute.  

Vijay arrived and opened the evening with fifteen minutes of silent meditation.  He they sang bhajans - Hindu call and response songs while playing the harmonium.  Michele, the host sang along with him. His lecture was a mixture of quotes from the Ramayana Hindu scripture and uplifting quotes from various gurus.

As Michele and Vijay sang, I saw Durga in the prayer room, off to the side of the main hall we were sitting in.  Durga was sitting on a lion with her weapons in her hands. 

When Vijay S. was talking, I saw a living guru called Amma, the hugging saint  https://amma.org/ . She was to the right hand side of Vijay. Amma has been my guru for almost a decade.  I hadn’t been able to visit her in five years, so I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as she appeared energetically to join us in prayer.

Vijay began telling a story about how a clairvoyant person saw Jesus once while he was giving a speech.  As he was telling this story, SathyaSai Baba gently appeared behind him with his arms lifted out to the attendees in blessing pose. I was so shocked.  Sai Baba had passed away years ago. I had the fortune of visiting Puttaparthi, his ashram in India twice while he was alive. I remember how I was sitting in meditation waiting for him and then felt a gentle wind stir the room.  I opened my eyes to see him almost hovering in the room. I feel that same feeling of excitement in my stomach as he appears here tonight. When Baba comes, there is often a lot of healing and harmonizing.

You can learn more about about Sathya Sai Baba, here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sathya_Sai_Baba) I was stunned to see him here, behind Vijay. He had a big black afro, 5’2’’, orange robe. Baba came to me in a vision when he passed away and told me he left the earth early.  The reason for his early death was that he could do more on the other side for people’s progression and for the climate if he was not in a body on earth. 

Baba has been a part of me for so many years. He came to me in dreams and taught me so many things about life and spirituality. Baba is a cosmic leader.  He is super powerful. While he was alive, people would see him everywhere, as if he was there physically. Distance would not stop his spirit from travelling to help people. He did many miracles and could manifest things. 

Baba asked me, “Do you see what I’m saying? Dirga, Krishna, Jesus and myself, come here on a specific mission, to bring people love.”   Baba told me to hug Vijay S. immediately and tell him I saw him because he might not believe her vision was true if she didn’t speak up right now. I started crying.  I felt nervous to tell Vijay that I saw Baba. I was afraid I would be judged. My crying had Vijay stop. I told Taras what I saw and he blurted out, “She sees Baba.”  I walked up and hugged Vijay and told him what I saw. Baba told me that Vijay was doing his work, just like he had asked him to. Vijay was surprised and said he was about to tell us the story of how he began speaking.  He said he had a heart attack and Baba appeared to him in the hospital and told him he needed to hold spiritual talks, and if he did, he would survive. Baba appeared to thank him for following his path! His timing was perfect.  He wanted me to tell Vijay that he was standing there before he could tell the story so that it would not appear as though I was making it up.

 Some deities have certain specific intentions for their manifestation. However, when Jesus or Baba show up, its to provide so much overwhelming love that you feel like your heart is exploding. I have always felt so incredibly moved and felt my heart crack open when I see these masters.  It was so nice to have Taras there to hold me and share the moment. I usually never tell people what I see but tonight, I see how me speaking up enabled so many people to share the love that the masters provided.

After the evening was over Michele invited me to look at her prayer room.  As I expected, there was a photo of Durga in the centre of the room and one of Krishna off to the side.  I told her that I had seen these two deities and she said they were the two main deities that hse prayed to.  I could feel that Durga protects and watches over her family.

I feel so blessed to have attended this meetup group.  I am so touched to see that God shows up to offer us love when we gather in the holy name with the intention of healing!