Feast of Jordan

January 18, 2019. All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church,1500 Day St., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This experience was a treasured one because in it we experienced a very important church holiday. We also saw how church construction can affect the openness of spirit to connect with us. 

We attended the “Feast of Jordan”- a short service, which included a blessing of holy water and a Christmas dinner after the service in the church hall. When we walked in Jesus was there, midway  on the left side. He was standing on the same level as the congregation, almost like he was part of the ceremony. He had long black curly hair, beard and his clothes were dark, almost blackish with a brown shawl. His hands were by his side. He looked very calm and peaceful.

Virgin Mary stood at the front of the church, by the altar.  She was wearing a blue dress, and had an ivory head covering. She was around 5’2 . He hands were at her side.

There were very bright heating pipes that ran the entire length of the church. They were exposed and brought a construction feeling to an otherwise pretty church that was adorned by icons.  They dulled the spiritual vibration. In fact, they almost blocked the energy from the spiritual images. Archangel Michael appeared at the back of the church above the choir loft carrying his sword.  His energy was more serious than that of Jesus and Mary. The doors to the altar were closed and the spiritual vibration of the church was muted.

Once the priest opened the altar doors, the church filled up with a higher vibrational frequency. This church does not have the heart chakra and crown chakra domes in it.  We found that churches which have a dome or glass enclosure above the altar/nave, have a higher vibrational frequency. In this church , the domes are attached on the outer roof, but they do not open into the place of worship.  If we were to map the church and compare it to a body with chakras, the domes were typically situated on the head and heart areas. The domes help open the heart chakra to increase a feeling of love in the hearts of the congregation and the crown chakra to connect the congregation with the angels, saints and God.  Without the domes, the church does not have the same uplifting feeling. We noticed this especially when we visited certain churches that were built in warehouses. What we found is that there is a spiritual affect that is attributable to church architecture. For example, even the Grand Mosque in Winnipeg has windows above the heart chakra area which permits a more spiritual connection in that temple.

Between the Virgin Mary and Jesus stood John the Baptist. He was standing behind the water where the priest would do the ceremony to bless it. He looked quite large, he was standing on the ground. He was wearing a black robe and brown shawl, similar to Jesus, and he had a brown vestment. He had black hair, a beard and moustache, and he was brown skinned and semitic with a curved nose. He had a very powerful presence. To the right of him was St. Andrew, Christ’s apostle. He had thick black hair and moustache, beard, shorter than John.  He was wearing a brown robe. 

Isaiah was there as well. He was wearing a white robe and goldish tan shawl. He had a moustache, beard and dark hair.  I felt that he was a leader and very independent, a protector. He was standing beside John the Baptist. Isaac, the son of Abraham from the Old Testament, was there. He had a crown. It looked pointy and had different colours on it, such as red and green. He had  grey hair, moustache and beard. His energy was to help people know God.

There were also Seraphim Angels above the ikonostas in blue and white. There were roughly 5 or six angels. The Angel Gabriel was above the altar. He had a bluish coloured robe, yellowish hair and a  trumpet in his right hand. It seemed as though all of these spiritual beings were there to reenact a scene from history.

While the priest was blessing the water the priest lit a candle .  I saw a prismatic light from from a downward pointing triangle into the water.  A dove came from the side of the altar and flew through the prismatic light. I went into trance.  I realize now, as I am writing this article, that I was witnessing the actual baptism of Christ! It was not a reenactment, but a glimpse into the actual baptism!  What an incredible blessing!

I could feel the altar call to be cleansed and as if the priest heard it too, he sprinkled holy water over it.  The vibration of the altar immediately became more vibrant!

When  Father Bill walked around the church and blessed people with holy water, Virgin Mary ascended to the top of the church and was giving blessings to the parishioners by outstretching her hands.

The priest then gave a sermon during which he mentioned the appearance of holy light above John and Jesus and the dove flying over to bless the baptism.  He mentioned Isaac and Isaiah during the sermon as well. I am amazed, sitting here almost eight months later, writing this article, realizing that all of us in that church that day had the incredible blessing of witnessing the original baptism!

In Vedanta they say that time is not linear, but spherical.  This means that we can access all things that have happened when there is a spiritual opening to do so.  We were blessed to be inside the spiritual gateway that enabled us to be present at the time of the baptism of Christ.