Eternal Devotion

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

August 1996. Mantralayam Temple, Mantralayam, City, Kurnool andhra Pradesh, India.

Raghavendra Swami

I first remember seeing Brahmarishi when I was fifteen years old.  He came to me and showed me that I would marry an Indian man and also showed that he was protecting me through my hard times.  Later, when I learned about astrology, I realized that he meant he would be with me during my difficult planetary transits.

When I went to India and saw his photos and recognized him instantly. It was incredible to find out that this man from my visions was a real person!

One night he came in my dream and instructed me to visit the place he used to live. I traveled there only to find he was no longer there. However, I was told that he had gone away to the himalayas. His ashram at that time was taken over by another guru who was very unethical. 

In the same dream, he told me that he knew I was having trouble with miscarriages but assured me that once I visited Mantralayam I’d have two children. 

He told me that I would practice ayurveda, and then he gave this gift into my hands, and taught me how to read palms and massage people. He also taught me how to sense energy in people. He would always comfort me and help me. Whenever I was hurt or abused, he would always come and sit with me in spirit.

Mantralayam Temple is a Hanuman Temple, which is a hindu Deity.  When you enter the temple, there are sanctum sanctorum rooms where the deity has been placed. In front of the deity people place food offerings for the deity which are then distributed amongst the people praying similar to Christian communion. I walked to the back of the building where they were giving holy water.  The door to the back of the temple was sealed. However, I heard someone chanting Hanuman’s name from inside the temple. I asked the pundits-hindu priests, “Who was chanting for Hanuman.” The hindu priests were surprised that I heard this chanting and told me that there was a story that the swami Raghavendra would pray fervently in devotion to Hanuman. They mentioned that I must have heard the swami Raghavendra chanting.

They were so surprised and happy to know that their beloved guru was not dead, but continuing  his spiritual practice, just as he had promised he would. 

There’s a practice  of meditation in hinduism called samadhi. This means joining the first, or becoming one with God. When a swami goes into this type of meditation they can survive without food, water, sleep or movement. The belief is that swami Raghavendra entombed himself through samadhi into this temple and continues to chant Hanuman, which is the chant that I heard.  The priests were very happy that their belief was witnessed by me. The story is that he walked into the temple and was entombed there in 1671.

I could hear Raghavendra chanting from behind these doors.

After drinking the holy water given by the priests,  I was directed to take prasad / communion. Just as in my dream, there was a priest and a swami (mystic) handing out the communion. In my dream the swami handed me a special talisman to help protect my pregnancies. I was floored when the swami looked like he knew me and handed me the talisman in real life. He told me I’d conceive my first son and then lose the talisman until my daughter was ready to come. This is exactly what happened. I lost the talisman for a year and then, one day, it appeared in my bus pass case. I knew that meant my daughter was ready to join our family!

Maharishi visited me again. He held my hands and told me my hands had healing powers. He blew on my palm and told me I’d teach yoga, see the future in peoples hands and talk to plants to heal people. All of this has come to pass. I’ve taught yoga for over twenty years and done readings for the same amount of time. I’ve also studied many healing modalities, including medical herbalism and ayurveda. Maharishi visited me throughout my studies to give me magical information not included in my text books. I am so grateful this saint has walked with me through so many stages of my life.