Elevated by Song

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

November 18, 2018. Sikh Society of Manitoba, 1244 Mollard Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Guru Granth Sahib - Sikh Holy Book

I was a bit nervous to go to a Gurudwara. I had been so involved in Indian culture for such a huge part of my life and over the past six years, I had disconnected from it. I was feeling emotional. As soon as I walked in and heard the gurubani (singing) I was transported into a place of deep peace, just as I was the first time I entered a temple at the age of 19.

As I approached the altar, I saw Krishna a bit above the Guru Granth Sahib (Holy Book) He was playing his flute. I felt he was there to bless the singers and musicians with a trance state that enabled them to sing with the voice of God. Krishna had long black hair, no beard, no turban. He was wearing a shawl, and a dhoti - sarong that was salmon coloured.

I also saw four gurus, all wearing turbans, and all had beards. They were wearing all white clothes, a long shirt, with pants wider at the bottom and all of them had bare feet. The gurus told me their names. The first was Guru Gobind Singh, who had a black beard. Guru Angad Dev Ji looked older and had a white beard. There were also Guru Har Krishan Ji, and Guru Ram Das Ji. They were all just above the priest who was fanning the Holy Book.

Their holy book - Guru Granth-Sahib showed up in human form. He was sitting above the book. He had white hair and a beard. His hair was out, he wasn’t wearing a turban. He had white clothes, and an orange shawl around his shoulders. He was chubby. He was blessing people.

I was watching this beautiful scene. I remembered that my Sikh friends told me that the Holy Book was considered to be the last Guru in the Sikh tradition of ten Gurus. I was happy to see that the book could also appear astrally in human form to help guide the devotees. I then noticed another holy being to the right side of the altar. Jesus was standing there, watching and listening to the beautiful music. Jesus had long hair, curly black hair. His skin was brown. He was wearing white flowing clothes. He had a long curly black beard. His hands were together in prayer and he looked like he was six feet tall. He was floating three feet above the ground. When I asked who he was, he confirmed that he was Jesus-the son of God. Jesus told me he was there because he was feeling the devotion of the congregation. He also gave me the feeling that he was there to open their minds, to mature and grow in their faith. He showed me that sometimes people get stuck in their own faith. Due to the fact that the congregation was devoted, he wanted them to mature spiritually and emotionally in their faith and also be open to accept one humanity and all faith traditions.

This was a very holy place. The music absolutely filled your soul with reverence and healing. The three musicians, sang, while playing harmoniums and a tabla, a set of two drums. There were two screens that had the words to the songs so you could follow along.

During the service, the three musicians were replaced by three other musicians. Outside in the hall, Taras introduced me to Amarjit, one of the musician-priests that played in the temple. He had a beautiful baritone voice. He had very enlightened eyes. I told him what I saw and that the music was food for my soul. He told me that his Guru told him to sing with all his heart so that he could impart this same feeling to other worshippers. He also said that the holy book was alive and that they offered food to it before they eat and considered it the eleventh guru. He liked that I saw it as a person.


This temple experience was so deeply calming and uplifting. We were invited to take part in the sacred lunch called langar. The food was served by the devotees with so much love. They served us as much food as we wanted. It was delicious.

This experience was so beautiful. It was wonderful to be accepted into the worship even though we were clearly different. IT was wonderful too, to share what I saw with Amarjit and have him feel so blessed that we had come to share the news of the Gurus and Jesus being there. He was very open minded to all that we shared.

Taras told me later that Jesus being there made him realize that the Sikh people were his brothers and sisters.

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