Dancing in Devotion

October 6, 2019 Trinity Baptist Church 549 Gertrude Avenue, Winnipeg MB


Taras and I met Kenny, the pastor at my dear friends wedding. He and his beautiful wife invited us to attend their church and we were so excited to do so!

We arrived at the gorgeous church on a rainy Sunday morning.  It was recently deemed a historical site. The stained glass windows were captivating and the building had so much character. 

As we entered the church, the worship group was singing. Brad, the worship leader had a great voice and the band was so devout. 

Children were dancing with their parents and there were people dancing with big prayer flags. The congregation was so open in their expression. 

Jesus was standing in front of the church, on the right hand side. He was facing the singers, listening to them, receiving their praise. Jesus was huge, he took up the entire front space of the church. He stood as tall as the ceiling   He appeared as he did in all of my previous visions. He has a brown complexion and a hooked nose. He had long, curly black hair that cascaded past his shoulders. He had dark eyes and a beautiful smile. He was wearing a long white garment with a brown vestment over top.  

The Holy Spirit enveloped the entire church. It was beautiful.   I love the warm glow of Holy Spirit. It feels like a huge hug that envelopes everyone. 

At the end of the worship in song the children were welcomed to congregate at the front to go downstairs to Sunday school. 

Once the children left, the adult congregation was welcomed to the front to dance. The church just lit up with the beautiful devotion of the congregation. People danced, sang and shouted their love up to God. People bowed before the altar and offered themselves to their God. It was so delightful to feel the magic in this church. What a blessing to find this little hidden gem. If you’re looking for a community to grow in spirituality I certainly recommend this church!