Dad Takes Me to Church

December 16, 2018, Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, 610 River Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Entrance of Holy Rosary Church

I have had two very beautiful experiences with this church.

The first one was just after my father had passed. My daughters and I had just finished shopping at the grocery store across the street. Suddenly, my father appeared to me in the parking lot and said “Chris, I want you to go to the church and light a candle for me.” I immediately bolted toward the church without telling my girls where I was going. I was so excited to see my dad that I ignored the traffic and walked right out into the street. My kids told me to be careful and asked me where we were going. “Grandpa is here!” I exclaimed. “He wants us to light a candle for him at the church across the street!” They reminded me that we were on the earthly plane and not in the spirit world and as living beings we needed to follow traffic laws. I excitedly went up to the church, but channeled to him that I doubted it was open and doubted even more that they would have candles to light. “Just have faith Chris,” was his typical response. He was a man of unfaltering faith and did a pretty amazing job of leaving everything in God’s hands. I was amazed when I pulled on the door and it opened and even more shocked to see that there was a beautiful statue of Mary holding Jesus in her lap after he had been taken off the cross. In front of the statue, there were candles that you could light! My daughters and I each lit a candle for my dad.

My second experience also began with my father asking me to light a candle for him. This time I was with Taras. I told him about the church and we decided to go. We stopped in at 12:30 p.m. Luckily, there was a mass underway. We lit our candles and then went into the church. We stood in the third row on the left hand side of the church.

On the right side of the altar, I could see Jesus. I could see his whole body. He was wearing a white robe. He had dark features, dark hair, mustache, beard, and dark eyes. This church had a very comfortable vibe, a very homey feel. II could feel deep compassion from the angels for the congregation. Their devotion made the church very welcoming and vibrant. It felt that nobody would be turned away at this church.