Community in God

August 25, 2019 St. Andrews on the Red Anglican Church, 3 St. Andrews Road, St. Andrews, Manitoba

This is one of the oldest stone churches in Manitoba, built in 1849. It is a very historical church for Manitoba.  There is a cemetery around the church. The oldest grave is from 1837. The chief factor for the Hudson Bay company is also buried there, along with other prominent members of the Red River Settlement.

When we entered the church there was lovely, vibrant healing light. 

I saw Archangel Gabriel to the right of the altar. I also saw my dad as they were blessing communion. They sang one of his favorite hymns “One Bread One Body.”  That made me cry. 

Reverend Karen invited everyone to communion, regardless of their religion. I haven’t taken communion in decades, but felt I should honour her invitation and my father. We were all invited to kneel right around the altar and were given communion as though we were a family. 

This was such a touching experience. It felt so welcoming and spiritual. 

After mass, we were given a tour of the graveyard. There was a calm, spiritual feeling there as well. All in all, I’d say that this church and rectory are very interesting to see and the mass is very beautifully carried out 

There were only about ten people in attendance

in this marvellous church. The same has been true in many of the churches we’ve visited. I can’t help but feel sad for the diminishing attendance in churches. There is a beauty in taking time out of one’s week to pray together. Churches build communities and unite hearts in prayer. They are places where humanity and spirit can unite. Seeing these old, sacred places being forgotten really saddens me. I wish there was a way to keep people interested and united in prayer. I know personally, that when people join hearts, Spirit does appear and offer blessings and healing. 

Singing spiritual songs or even hearing them as a group unites and uplifts minds and hearts. It’s a shame to lose everything that churches offer. 

In Sanskrit, there is a word “satsang” this means gathering in truth. It’s very important that we belong to a group that helps uplift our hearts. This is how we maintain compassion for all beings. When we gather in numbers to pray, it opens our hearts to those who need support and we are more likely to help because we feel one with them. 

Our hearts are so sacred. They are the dwelling place of God. If we do nothing to open them, we will lose the heart of compassion on the planet and forget that all beings are entwined together,

synergistically, as part of the body of earth. Earth is part of the body of our solar system and our solar system is part of the body of the universe. All of these parts add up to make Spirit. Spirit is infinite love.   In order for us to access the infinite love of spirit we must be willing to be vulnerable as a community to express love without conditions or fear. 

As I said, our hearts are so sacred, they are the dwelling place of God. Where two or three hearts join together, God appears in their midst. The church is a physical construction that represents the unity of multiple hearts.