March 10, 2019. Guru Nanak Darbar Inc. 900 McLeod Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

After attending the Church of Scientology, we both felt we needed a spiritual cleansing or a smudge and Taras drove us to a Sikh Guru Dwara. We entered the temple, removed our boots and coats and sat in meditation in the main hall. I was sitting close to the altar, and holy book - Guru Granth Sahib. There were many attendees in this chapel. 

The first deity I saw was Krishna.  He was above the priest giving the sermon.  Krishna was in a baby form. He was about three feet tall and had curly black hair with a headband that had a peacock feather in it.  He was dressed in a loincloth and had bare feet. Krishna hovered over the priest giving the communion-prasad. 

I also saw a female form  spirit and when she asked her name she replied Simran Kaur. She was wearing a blue sari with white flowers on it.  She stands about 5’4’’, Her clothes seemed to be quite modern. She was holding food. I think that she was offering food or blessing food. I felt that she may have been from one of the families that was hosting the lunch. She was standing almost on the ground,  on the right side of the altar. 

The only Guru that I saw was Guru Grand Sahib, or the book Guru. He had white hair, beard, and his hair was out, no turban. He was a bigger deity, not skinny. He was wearing all white. He looked older in his 70s. He was sitting above the book. 

The energy in the Gurudwara was very peaceful and the temple was bathed in  spiritual energy. It was a stark contrast to the oppressive energy of the Scientology centre.

After some meditation we were invited downstairs for langar, or lunch. Langar is always a vegetarian meal.  It is made by the devotees and is always made with love and very delicious.