Christmas Vigil

January 6th, 2019. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church on  Mountain Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We attended midnight mass on Christmas eve.  The snow was so deep and it was blizzarding! The little white church looked so tiny from the outside, but it was very open and friendly on the inside.  It was packed to the rafters with people there to show their devotion. Everyone, except us, was wearing white! We were one of the few white people dressed in black, while the majority of the congregation was black dressed in white. I found out later that there is a tradition in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to dress in white, their traditional garb.

When we walked in, I saw the Hindu Goddess Kali. I was a bit shocked to see this Hindu Goddess here.  Kali is considered to be wrathful and so I was a little confused as to why she was there. She had long, black hair flowing down to cover her naked body.  She was about ten feet tall and hovered above the congregation. A priest began handing out candles. In this tiny, packed church with people dressed in very flammable white cotton, they were lighting candles.  This is exactly how I was burnt nine years ago. I was wearing white cotton, lighting candles for a Hindu festival. I was terrified and understood why Kali was there. She was protecting the congregation from a fire catastrophe!

I saw in spirit  the Angel Gabriel on the left side of the church by the altar. He usually has yellow clothes, but today his clothes were reddish orange. The interesting thing is that there was an angel of Gabriel hung on the left side of the altar, which I didn’t see because I was standing at the back of the church, Taras found this an interesting coincidence that I could see the Angel Gabriel in Spirit and his depiction the same as shown in the art of the icons. This was testimony for him  that the icons do contain the presence and power of the deity they represent. I’m legally blind and also colour blind, so I asked Taras what colour was the icon. This icon had the same colours that I saw in my vision, by the way, in spirit I see colours. I was standing at the back and couldn’t see the large icon of Gabriel. He had a goldish aura and was huge. He had a wrathful feeling. The deities didn’t look peaceful. I felt this meant that they were protecting the congregation - they were on guard.

During the liturgy, elders handed out long candles that had long wicks on them. The church started heating up from the flames and smoke. Each parishioner was granted a candle to light. There was a lot of fire energy in the church. I was concerned that the church could have a fire.  I had strong faith that the deities would protect the faithful congregation.

As they chanted, the top of the church became white.  This is a sign that holy light is flowing into the building, elevating the energy to a very holy state.  It’s a blessing when this happened. This is the type of energy required to perform miracles and healing.  It’s a true blessing to be able to stand under this frequency. This usually happens due to deep faith.

I felt that the devotion of the people, combined with the use of transformational fire could heal lower chakra issues.  Trouble in the physical body in the legs, lower abdomen and reproductive area as well as healing money and family issues of the congregation.

I saw a light skinned Ethipian saint.  He was 5’8 with his long black hair tied in a knot on top of his head.  He was holding a staff and told me his name was Joseph.

When the church opened up with white light, Jesus appeared. He was wearing long white robes, with an orange coloured shawl.  He was semitic with a beard, similar to the Jesus I see in all the churches. He was at the front, facing towards the left, standing on the right hand side by the altar. 

Jesus looked stern and very serious.  All the deities had a very somber look. The deities didn’t look gentle. Both Angel Gabriel and Jesus were looking at the left.  This made me wonder if there was an issue with that side of the building. I saw horses in the church as well. The horse is a symbol of great energy and potential, but it needs to be guided so that it does not become chaotic.

A priest walked past me and his energy was very hot.  The church felt very chaotic, but guides, deities and animal spirits were coming in to bless and heal this community.  I felt that there was a very heavy energy in the basement and that a cleansing with holy water would be helpful.

My basic sense is that there is a  potential for a lot of chaos in this community, but the devotion and faith will help them traverse any difficulty that might arise.

It was an honour to witness the devotion and energy of the congregation.  People were very welcoming, even though we clearly stood out.