Blessings from White Tara and the Holy Ghost

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

September 22, 2019. Kadampa Meditation Centre

839 Ellie Ave.  Winnipeg. MB. R3G O3G

Taras and I attended Vegfest, a trade show casing vegetarian artisans, restaurants and animal advocacy booths. 

The food was wonderful and there were so many creative businesses.  There was a man created purses out of vinyl flooring that were very classy!

The Kadampa Meditation Centre had a booth where I purchased a beautiful garnet and lava stone bracelet. They were also selling cards, candles, malas and meditation Cd’s. Proceeds from sales are used to set up temples around the world. 

We were invited to come and see the Centre.  One of the members was curious about what I might see at the temple. 

We arrived at the temple at 10:00 only to discover that the nun who leads meditation on Sunday was going to a festival in Arizona. We asked if we could have a look at the temple and were welcomed in. Taras found the aqua and orange decor very


I saw White Tara floating in the centre of the meditation room. She looked like a gentle mist gracing the little Centre.  I felt so cleansed and emotionally reset after just a few minutes in the temple. We will go back for meditation for sure!

I did some research on White Tara and discovered that she is the goddess of travel!   I’m sure she appeared to bless the nun on her trip. She’s also the goddess who helps elevate sorrow for those who focus on her. 

We still wanted to attend a service, so we drove around looking for a church to attend. We came across a couple that appeared to be closed. Both of us are shocked about the low attendance in churches. I feel there must be a way for people to attend church for the healing and community without worrying about dogma as much. 

I’ve seen so many spiritual masters, saints and angels in churches. It seems a shame to have them close due to lack of attendance. 

We ended up at Pilgrim Baptist. This little church has so much heart and devotion. The result is that the church is overflowing with the presence of the Holy Ghost. 

Holy Spirit is like an orb of love that envelopes everyone. If your heart is open and you’re surrendered to receive healing you might cry, sway or feel overcome with emotion in the presence of Holy Spirit. 

Both times I’ve attended there I’ve found myself in tears with shivers and bliss. It’s such a healing place to go. The focus is on community and loving support. 

This church is a beautiful, hidden gem. 

I seriously encourage you to attend if you need to lighten your heart and heal your soul.   The community members there will welcome you with open hearts.