Blessed Virgin Mary's Love

October 7th, 2018. St. Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral. Macgregor and Dufferin, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As soon as I entered this church I went into rapture.  I was stopped right in my tracks and couldn't walk.  The feeling of the divine love of the Goddess overwhelmed me.  Taras actually had to come back and get me.  I think he was confused as to what was happening to me.

I saw the Virgin Mary filling the church with her presence. She took up the space of the entire church.  She had a shawl draped over her arms. This reminded me of a time when I was sitting in the presence of one of my teachers.  People kept asking him questions about their personal problems and finally he draped his shawl across his arms and said put all of your woes in this shawl and open up to hearing the miracles of God that I have come to share with you.  Once you hear the miracles, your sorrows will evaporate.  I felt like the divine Mother was offering her shawl for devotees to surrender their sorrows into and this made me cry.  I am always so touched by the love that God has for us.  Love that we are incapable of even fathoming.

She filled the entire, large church with her presence.   She had a white shawl on her head.  Her clothes were tannish, pink. Her skin was a bit dark. Her hair was hidden by her shawl. The Virgin Mary was very delicate, slim.  Mother Mary showed one of my spiritual teachers sitting with her.  Her name is Amritananda Mai.  She is an Indian woman who has made it her mission to travel the world and share God's love by hugging people.

Beside the Mother I saw another woman.  She told me she was a queen.  Knyahinya Olha was bigger boned, she seemed older, white lady. She had brown hair and a crown on her head. She was holding a small stick, or scepter, but her face was not gentle like the Virgin Mary, a stern face, looked strict.  I could only see her head and shoulders. She was at the front of the church, in front of the altar.

St. Andrew was in the altar. He was wearing dark, tan coloured clothes,. He looked like he was wearing layers, a white layer and a dark brown layer. I saw him in profile facing north. He had black hair, a beard, and moustache. He was also brownish, very big eyes, nice and thick shaped eyebrows. He was holding a big long cross. St. Andrew said he was a protector of the church.

Angel Gabriel was at the top of the dome. His aura was golden. He was slim. Features are difficult to explain because he’s a light being. I could see the outline of his nose and face and his hands were open with palms up. He had no beard, long blondish hair. His whole body was present. His wings were white.

The vibration of this church was amazing.  I was in rapture the entire time I was there.  Tears just streamed down my face.  It felt like it was just dripping with love.

Taras was amazed to see me in this state and introduced me to the priest.  He asked me to explain to the priest what I was seeing but I just couldn't stop crying.  The love that Spirit has for us is so beautiful, so unconditional and continual.  It always leaves me so humbled and in awe.  I always ask God to gift me with the ability to show people that same love.  The priest hugged me and kissed me on the forehead and told me he too had felt the love in this church and told me I did not need to explain.  he thanked me for showing him my devotion.

This was one of the best days I have had in a long time.  I am so grateful to Spirit for flowing love like that onto earth and I pray that all people feel it and remember that they are loved.

If you would like to visit this incredible church you can click the link below.