Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Pilgrim Baptist Church, 41 Maple St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3G4

 This may be one of my favorite church experiences in terms of witnessing devotion in the congregation. There were not many people in attendance, however, what they lacked in membership, they explained to me that it was the summer break, they made up in spirit.  When they started off singing a good morning song. I burst into tears. This is so in tune with how I am. I usually say good morning to God everyday. When I walk out my door I say “Thank you and hello universe”. I used to do this out loud and throw my arms up to the sky. My kids advised me that I’m already odd enough and also, legally blind, so I can’t see if anyone’s outside. I graciously spare them the embarrassment now and say thanks in my heart. 

At the end of the song the preacher asked how everyone was and the response from the congregation was “blessed!”  Yes, that’s the gospel truth. We are always blessed. I was wishing my 19 year old daughter was with me. She and I had just had a conversation about how upset she was that our car had been hit while parked on the street in front of our house. I think it would have been uplifting for her to have this perspective shift. 

Jesus appeared above the choir area as they continued singing. Jesus appeared wearing a white robe with a shawl around his shoulders and his hands, palms upward. He has a middleastern complexion and dark, curly hair. He took up the space of the choir loft. He showed up only from waist high. He disappeared and then Archangel Michael appeared. He was dressed all in white. He was standing in the choir area where his head touched the ceiling. Usually, he shows up carrying a sword in his right hand. This time he had no sword. This church was truly filled with God’s love. My sweet guru Amma, the hugging guru, also appeared. Amma showed up to the right of the altar. She was sitting cross legged in white. Her hair was in a bun. She was slightly larger than person size. 

My father appeared as the preacher began singing a slow song to Jesus.  My dad was a very dedicated Christian, a lay minister when he was alive.. He often shows up when I go to church.

I think I cried for almost the entire mass it was so uplifting, healing and the people had so much devotion. 

There were two people who showed up in

church as well. An older woman. She was 5 feet, slim, wearing a fitted floral dress and fancy hat. 

The second was a man. He was a big black man. Over six feet and heavy set. I didn’t mention them to the congregation, but assume they were parishioners. 

I do wish to attend again. I can’t wait to see the choir sing. They were off for the summer, but will be back in the fall.