Anointed by Blessed Virgin Mary

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

On this day we went to two churches.  We did not intend to initially, but the two were close together and I suppose somehow Taras felt guided by Spirit to do so.

We first attended the Greek Orthodox church.

January 7, 2019. Holy Ascension Greek Orthodox Church 197 Euclid Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This tiny church  is tucked into a small corner on Euclid avenue, by the back lane. There were no pews, but a handful of chairs set out. Whenever we saw it, the doors were closed. We were hoping that on Orthodox Christmas it would be open and we could see the inside. Luckily, Christmas day the doors were open. We attended their Christmas mass, and there were only ten people in attendance - including Taras and I.

Upon entering, I could see that the church was enveloped in the glow of the Holy Spirit.  A gentle whitish orb was encircling the entire church. It was a very peaceful environment.

Mother Mary was present, holding a six month old baby Jesus.  She was wearing blue and had her head covered with a white veil.  Baby Jesus was wrapped in a natural brown cloth. He had brown skin and his hair was a bit curly and was brownish black.  Mother Mary always exudes such loving energy. It was touching to see her with the Baby Jesus.

Another spirit noticed me and made himself more present.  He asked me if anyone still cared about humanity. He told me he was Ignasos.  He was dressed in a white shirt with a fancy collar. He had white hair, but was balding and a white beard and piercing eyes.  I could feel that he was a very intense man. I felt that he must have been a change maker. At first I thought he was a ghost, but then realized he was a saint.  I looked up his name when I returned home and discovered he was Saint Ignatious. At the time I visited the church it did not occur to me to try and communicate with him.  I was focused on the singing. I discovered recently that the saints are interested in talking and sharing their viewpoints. I will try to communicate with them in my future visits to churches.  I have recently communicated with two of them and they were both a bit frustrated with the condition of the planet and reflective about their use of power to convert people to the church during their time.  It was very interesting to me to see that people who were deemed saints are now reviewing their lives and thinking of ways they would change what they did with their time on earth.

As the priest began to sing, 5 Seraphim angels appeared above the congregation.  The one on the left was holding a book and the one on the right, a scroll. The two in the middle had their hand in prayer.  They were prismatic in colour. Their facial features were not very pronounced as they appeared more like light beings. It was clear that they were appreciative of the prayers and blessing those in attendance.

As the mass ended, Taras rushed us over to another church.  The congregation was already dispersing, but I felt a strong pull to enter the church.  Little did we know that the two saints from each of these churches knew each other when they were alive!

January 7, 2019. St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 820 Burrows Ave., Winnipeg, MB.

Spirit is always around us. There is a constant interplay between our conscious world and those in other realms. Of late I have noticed that many saints, angels and animal helpers are trying to interact with earth even more than before. 

Many of the saints say that they want humanity to wake up and take charge of the planet. They are angry at the way power was used to control people and pray that people can take the power back from greedy leaders. Many of the beings in spiritual realms almost feel desperate to see the end of negative power paradigms.   They show me that more and more people will begin to see ways that they can help and they must follow their intuition. 

We arrived as mass was ending. The bells were tolling and the energy was very vibrant. We had just come from Holy Ascension Greek Orthodox Church where the saints were agitated, hoping people would wake up in their hearts. 

It was Christmas according to the Orthodox tradition. I expected the energy in the churches to be celebratory, on the contrary, all the spirits felt agitated. 

As we approached the church I could hear Spirit calling us in to receive blessings. This church was so lovely.  I could feel the energy and love of so many sacred, holy beings right as we walked up the steps! I knew we were in for a special treat. As soon as we walked in, I felt Mother Mary calling us to the right to be anointed.  I walked in that direction and a priest stepped forward and anointed Taras and me with holy oil on our third eyes. I continued in that direction and, of course, there was a gorgeous Icon of Mother Mary there! She was dressed in blue and had a yellow shawl around her neck, and it was draped around her arms. Yellow and white are the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

 This experience has never happened to me. I sometimes feel that the priests may take their jobs for granted.  However, in this instance, Mother Mary used the priest’s hand to bless us. Hopefully, when they read this, they’ll understand the importance of  their work. They are literally doing the Lord’s work. Taras was very moved by this gesture, and realized that he was witnessed by the holy Mother.  He felt very blessed. When I entered the church, I did not know that it was named in honour of Mother Mary, and I could not see her icon because of my limited vision. To be led to the front of the church by her and then blessed with oil was a life changing experience for Taras and a very humbling one for me. Many times, my doubts, and fears make me feel unworthy of such blessing, but today it felt extra special to be recognized in this manner.

There is a dome above the altar and a window at the back of it that brings in both physical and holy light. The architecture is designed to bring the congregation up into their crown chakra where they can connect with spirit.  There are icons on the ceiling which brings in the frequency of healing and ascension.

I also saw St. Francis Xavier. He was very intense. I felt he was making people think in their devotion. I felt that he was trying to create unity and felt that he was fed up with war and small mindedness. He had messy black hair, mustache and beard. He looked a little dirty/sooty, and he was wearing a black robe/coat with a white shirt underneath it. His vibe was more radical, a little bit angry.  He stood beside Mother Mary, close to the middle of the altar. As I am typing this article he comes through and says to me that his friend Ignacious must have sent us here. I look up on google to see if they truly knew each other and it turns out they attended the same university and were instrumental in forming the Society of Jesus and the Jesuits - a very violent faction of the Catholic Church. I understood now why St. Francis was frustrated with war and violence.  I think that many of these saints likely review their lives and contemplate how they would like to change the way they carried the message of Jesus.  

Witnessing the contrast between her love and his passion reminded me that devotion and service to Spirit takes many forms. Sometimes the world is frustrating and we get angry watching people follow the same patterns of behaviour over and over again. Sometimes we are centred in our hearts and able to love, forgive and encourage all people toward peace. 

My wish is that Mother Mary touches all of our minds and hearts and awakens us to become messengers of peace. Our planet needs our care. So many people and animals need compassion. We need to come together, dispute our faith traditions, genders and ethnicities as one family of humanity to support all other sentient beings.