Angels Live Here

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

August 4, 2019 Enfant Jesus Roman Catholic Church Richer Manitoba.

Taras and I went camping for the weekend and decided to go into Richer to see if there was a church.  We happened upon a gorgeous little church with a bell tower and outdoor altar. There was a farmers market being held in the church so we entered to check out what the local farmers and crafters had on offer.

The church was gorgeous inside. There was an immediate energy of angel blessings! Mother Mary and Jesus Could also be felt. The church was no longer being used for worship. It had been closed long ago due to dwindling attendance. Fortunately, the diocese decided to keep it up and open it as a museum and community centre. 

The energy was so touching. I was happy to be able to go up on the altar. I could feel such a strong presence of angels. I was delighted to find that there were two icons of angels.  One was hidden behind a Christmas tree, but I could still feel the warmth flowing from it!

I was drawn to the right side of the altar by the energy of Mother Mary and found her icon there!  I was then guided to go down the stairs and visit Jesus. There was an icon of him as a child, wearing a crown there. 

I’m so happy the diocese has found a use for this sacred place of worship. People can still enter the building and receive spiritual cleansing and love from the holy beings.there.  Holy beings do not discriminate on who they share their light with. Just like the sun, they shine down equally on all people regardless of their beliefs.