Angels Join the Choir

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

January 13, 2019. Festival of Carols to support Ukrainian Cultural and Education Centre-Oseredok, Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre, 711 Jefferson Ave., Winnipeg, MB.

Taras and I decided to go to the Festival of Carols, both to enjoy the music and to see if Spirit would join in on the festivities.

There were four choirs singing Christian Christmas carols. When the men’s Ukrainian choir “ Hoosli” started to sing, I saw the Angel Gabriel flying horizontally above the choir. He was holding  a trumpet. He took up the length of the choir. He had blonde hair and he was wearing a dark blue, long robe. 

Then when the Polish Choir “Sokil” started singing, I saw around 40 Angel Seraphim who were intermingled within the choir. They were all wearing blue choir robes with white shirts. These beings were very high frequency and looked like bright white light.  This makes it difficult to perceive facial features. The energy was absolutely breathtaking. They were all singing with the choir and they all had song books in their hands. 

When the St. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral Choir came on I saw St. Vladimir and Olga, and they were standing in front of the conductor, but they were facing towards the people. St. Vladimir was a Ukrainian Kniaz or ruler who in 988 a.d. chose christianity for Rus, which became Ukraine. St. Vladimir had a bowl haircut, no crown, wearing armour, holding a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand.  St. Olga was St. Vladimir’s mother and she introduced christianity to her son by being christened in the Greek Orthodox faith. She had her brown hair up in a bun. She was wearing a long skirt, embroidered shirt with a collar. He was taller at around 6’, and she was shorter at 5’6’’.  

When the singers started to sing, I saw the Seraphim angels similar to the Sokol Choir standing between them.

When the Melos Folk Ensemble came on, they started with a male singer singing “Emmanuel” standing in the audience. When he stopped to walk onto the stage, I saw a very powerful positive energy being which haven’t seen before. He was around 8 feet tall, his coat was stained glass colours of blue, red and yellow. He had long black hair and a long beard. I felt that there was a strong family blessing for this singer.  I have seen these beings before with very talented people. It almost feels like they are part of the person’s giftedness. This being seems to be an ascended master helping the singer with his song! There are different types of ascended masters. Some of them are spiritual masters like gurus or saints, others may be masters in the arts. I think that this master may be a family member who was very talented musically and devoted to God.  I wanted to ask the singer, but he left before we could meet him. 

“Melos” performed with a group of musicians, two violinists, a flutist, a percussionist/xylophonist and an accordian player. I saw fairies with them. There were five fairy couples! The boy fairies were wearing tuxedos and black hats. They were as big as your hand. They had wings and they were singing and twirling/dancing. The girls were magenta coloured and some were wearing yellow. The girls had white hair and the boys had brown hair. 

I saw the  Seraphim and Cherubim Angels amongst the choir. There were roughly five chubby, curly haired Cherubim angels. They were not too big, roughly 3 feet. They were to the right side of the musicians. There was a lot of light around them and their wings are fatter than the Seraphim wings. They were singing with the choir.

Then the Oleksandr Koshets choir took the stage. I again saw the Seraphim angels join the choir, similar to the previous experiences with the other choirs that took the stage. 

Much to my horror, Taras brought me to see if we could find anyone from the choirs to share what I saw.  If you have been reading these articles, you know I’m pretty shy and Taras is the opposite. We did meet a beautiful woman-the conductor of the St. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral Choir,  who was so happy to hear what I saw. I feel happy that Taras is an instrument to help me share my messages. They seem to bring so much joy to people!

January 16, 2019. Folklorama Concert, McPhillips Street Station Casino. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We went to a concert that was sponsored by McPhillips Street Station Casino and had “Melos” the group that sang at the Oseredok concert on Sunday perform. The amazing thing is that at this concert, even though they sang the same carols as they did at the concert, no angels appeared. There was no divinity  at the Casino. This was a testament to the wonderful mystery of God, because even though these two events had the same performers and same repertoire, God, saints, angels or fairies did not appear. Obviously, God does not go to casinos.