Angels in the Congregation

My partner and I have had many conversations about the way I see the world.

I have never really talked a lot about the way I see things outside of doing readings for people.  I like to keep that side of my daily experience private for many reasons.  Partially to avoid judgement, but also because it is both very sacred to me and at the same time very ordinary to me.  

I think that I have been seeing spirit due to the fact that I am legally blind and am just tapped in differently.  I have also sat with spiritual masters from Eastern traditions who say that I have been a yogi in many lifetimes and have thus, developed my inner senses.

When I attended church with my partner and went into trance though, I was touched by his

impressions.  He took one look at me in trance and said this is where you belong.  You belong with God.  I was scared that he would think I was strange.  The opposite was true though.  He said that seeing me so in love with God made him realize that God was real.

Thus began our journey, our search for Divinity.

This is what I saw and shared with him on our first church visit together.  This is the first time I shared my visions in such detail.  My wish for you is that you begin to understand that spirit is truly there for us, all around us in fact.  If we reach out and ask for help, we will receive.  We may not always get the response in the way we expect, but opening your mind and heart to Spirit will certainly open your life to miracles and unconditional love.

On October 1st, 2018. we began our journey at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Holy Trinity, Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral located at Redwood and Main St, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I saw 5 angels above the iconostas, the gates of the main altar. They were blue with long wings that went all the way from their head to their feet. Long, thin wings. All are wearing long blue robes with a tie at the waist and were masculine.  Their hands were in praying position. They told me they were Seraphim, and that they were there to support the choir.

It had been a long time since I had entered a place of worship.  I used to live in a Hindu temple and assist with the care of the deities there.  After moving out of the temple, I had distanced myself from holy places for reasons too many to get into here.  Seeing these angels made me cry.  It reminded me that I could try to walk away from Spirit, but Spirit would never walk away from me.  Spirit is always there for those who lift their hearts in prayer.  That is a fact.

Above them was Archangel Michael. He was goldish white carrying a white sword made of light in his right hand.  He seemed to have a hand bell in his left hand. The sword is a symbol of protection, clarity and clearing unwanted attachments.  The bell helps to clear a space of negative entities or energies.. He was very muscular. Strong arms. His wings were white and very wide, big, but not as long as the guardian angels. No facial hair, and he had a gold band tied around his head. Long blondish hair. He wore a tunic, that reached to his knees.  His legs were also muscular.  I felt like he was very capable of protecting anyone who reached out to him for help.

St. Francis of Assisi was on the right side of the altar. He had a bald head, but shaved in the middle, a Franciscan monk. White skin, dark robes, stocky, not very tall, Robes were long. He had sheep by him, he held a small book in his hands and a cross. A cross was dangling from his neck. He had a beard and moustache, darker brown hair.  His energy was very gentle and it felt like he was there to provide peace and refuge to those who needed emotional support.

I felt that St. Nicholas was there, halo around him, brownish clothes. There was an icon of St. Nicholas on the iconostas that I was shown after mentioning him.

It was so touching to me to see these sacred beings.  They were there to support the choir as they sang and the congregation as they prayed.  The vibration in this church was so beautiful and the icons were incredible.

Visiting this church reconnected me to Holy Spirit.  I am so grateful to God for bringing me back home and so grateful to my partner for recognizing my deep connection to spirit.  

When he saw my reaction to the altar he felt that I had something very special to share with people.  He felt that people who came to places of worship needed to know that God is there with them.  It was this visit that birthed our pilgrimage that we are now calling Searching for Divinity.

I was apprehensive about sharing my visions with people because I i didn't want to be judged and I didn't want them to feel awkward.  I am learning that there are many people who understand that spirit can be present with us and many of the people I have shared my visions with have felt excited and inspired.

I am so humbled and honoured to visit holy places each week and share what I see with those who are interested to listen.  It deepens my connection and faith to see the happiness that it brings other people to know that God is listening to their prayers!

To learn more about the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church visit their website.