A Procession to Celebrate Icons

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

March 17, 2019. St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, 2255 Grant Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Noah's Arc

We attended the Sunday of Orthodoxy celebration, which is a celebration of the icons in the Orthodox Church.

When we walked into the church, I was immediately taken aback by the amount of white and silver spiritual light in the building. The feeling of the Holy Spirit in masculine form was present. The energy was so protective and healing. I immediately felt a sense of deep inner peace wash over me.

The energy was so high frequency that I felt like I was going to faint. I had to keep grounding myself. Sometimes when the energy is so high frequency, I can feel myself starting to almost feel like I am going to fall down. When this happens, I visualize that mother earth is holding me close to her. This enables me to stay present and focused.

We were standing under an incredibly beautiful painting of Noah’s arc. All of the Icons in the temple were incredibly beautiful. The altar and church felt very clean energetically. This happens when the priests take care to clear energy with incense or candles.

There were so many saints present in the church. They were standing to the right side of the altar in avatar form.

There was Angelina of Serbia who was there to give strength to the attendees. She had dark long, wavy hair. She was wearing dark clothes. She had nothing covering her hair. Her dress was up to her neck. Her body was totally covered. She held a cross in her right hand.

There was Saint Ignatius of Antioch. He had dark curly shoulder length hair. His hair wasn’t thick. He looked old. He was looking over his left shoulder.

There was Saint Maria. She had dark hair. she had a shawl on her head, dark clothes. The feeling is that she worked with children, and had four or five children around her. The children had dark hair, and were different ages.

Saint Demetrios showed himself in a place with mountains and a lake. He showed that he came from that location. He was there to bring peace to the celebration. He was totally bald. He was wearing a white robe. His arms were outstretched and welcoming.

Saraphim Angel

There were many angels. They were above the right hand side of the ikonostas. Raphael, Ariel, Michael, and Seraphim. The archangels all had gold coloured clothes. Their hair was goldish. Their auras were white. Above the archangels, were the seraphim. The Seraphim were iridescent bluish white. They were located around the whole upper part of the church. By the choir there were roughly 10 cherubs.

There was such a beautiful vibrancy to the church.

They did a procession of all of the icons around the church three times. The icons were carried by altar boys, clergy and children. I enjoyed the participation of the younger generation. The energy was full of peace and reverence. It reminded me of the way we do procession with the Hindu icons around the temple three times during festivals.

The ceremony was performed in Greek, Ukrainian and English. It was beautiful to hear the various languages and have the mass delivered by priests from various churches. The choir and priests did a call and response that was also very beautiful which made it a very enjoyable mass.

After the service, the church community invited us to their Hellenic Lounge for a Greek food which was very tasty.