A Haunted Christmas

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

December 24, 2018. Westminster United Church, 745 Westminster Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This is one of the oldest churches in Winnipeg. I had a previous amazing experience at this church. I was walking out of a therapy session. I felt like I needed a God save in my life. Just a little evidence that God existed. I walked past an apartment block where a lady was struggling to open the main door as she pushed a baby stroller. I held the door open for her and she was extremely grateful. I was a bit surprised at just how happy she was that I helped. I did remember how hard it was to push my double stroller when my kids were little. “No problem. I smiled. I shrugged and continued walking down the street.

Just then, I heard a voice from spirit tell me to go into the Westminster Church. I doubted that it would be open, it was a Tuesday, thanksgiving in fact. I tried the door and to my shock, it was open! I entered the big wooden door into a foyer. The inner door was locked. “Wait for the janitor” came the voice from above. The janitor came and let me in as though he had been waiting for me. To my surprise, I walked in on a man who was arranging gourds and plants on the altar. He was trying to figure out how to create a cornucopia. I asked him if I could help. “Of course” was his reply. I hadn’t been in a church for decades. I was so happy to be able to help on this festival day. I had been decorating temple altars for the past fifteen years and had just moved out of the Hindu temple where I had lived for the past seven years. I missed the art of decorating so much. It always felt so holy to me. The calm atmosphere before the bustle of a festival. Creating a scene of beauty for the parishioners to enjoy on the night of holy occasion. We worked together in silence, transforming the simple altar into a gorgeous Thanksgiving delight. As soon as we were done, I bowed before the altar and left. I felt so blessed to have been asked by spirit to be a part of this. I told my mom after and she asked how do these strange miracles keep happening for you? “I guess I just listen when I’m called” was my response. Spirit calls us often, but many times, we don’t trust our hearts enough to listen. If you feel called to do something, don’t doubt it, do it.

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Five years later Taras and I attended Christmas Eve Mass at the same church. A wonderful brass quintet played for the mass. This was a rare treat! I saw a man who called himself Saint Rubin. He looked a little disheveled and had short, dark brown hair. He was clean shaven. He stood roughly 5’8’’. He was wearing ripped white clothes. He had a dark complexion. I tried to research Saint Rubin, but could only find that he as a Saint of the Syrian Orthodox Church. If you are reading this and you know more about him, please let me know.

Suddenly, I saw a ghost standing to the left of the altar. He looked to be about 19 years old. He seemed to be cognitively impaired. He told me there was a hallway behind the altar and that spirits were stuck there. He said there were spirits stuck in the basement. So, at the end of mass, we walked to the back and found the hallway and the room to the left where he claimed spirits were stuck. We walked through the basement. I saw almost fifty people stuck in a barricaded area of the basement. I think there is a water issue in the building. Water often inhibits spirits from moving through a building. The church needs a clearing as well as a repair for any leaks. Removing the barricades would also enable the stuck souls to move freely out of the basement. I did not attempt to communicate with any of them. I was not in a position to be able to help them. I felt sad but did not think it appropriate to bring this up on Christmas Eve.

The young man then took us upstairs towards the balcony. He told me that there was a room on the opposite side of the balcony that had been used to lock people up for punishment in the past. We did see the door he mentioned on the other side of the balcony. It had a table in front of it though, so we could not enter. We then walked down the stairs and there were people sitting in chairs on a landing on the way downstairs. There were also ghosts sitting in the vacant chairs. I felt that it was very hard for anything spiritual to come into the place because there was a veil that kept them away. I felt there maybe some architectural problems with the building that limited angels to come in. I also was told by the tour guide ghost that there had been a school adjoined to the church that was no longer in use. I am researching this to find out if it’s true. I thanked our tour guide and stepped out into the cold night. I would love to go back and do some clearing for this beautiful building to help some of the lost souls trapped within!