A Grandfather's Pride

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

December 16, 2018. Elmwood Mennonite Brethren Church, 145 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, Manitoba

On the steps of the church

Taras had driven by this church many times over the years, because it is located at the foot of the Disraeli Bridge. Today we ventured out to discover what would appear in this church. We sat in the second pew from the front where I could really feel the powerful, positive energy. Right away, I could see three positive vortices.

Vortices are energy wheels. They look a little like tornado clouds. They can spin clockwise or anti clockwise. The clock wise ones amplify positive energy. It is common to place a healing object or icon on a positive vortex. Vortices aren’t common, so having three in a building is a very rare blessing. These vortices were horizontal, roughly six feet wide, similar to a disk, maybe two feet thick. They are sometimes caused by architecture or they may occur naturally.

Jesus was inside the one on the right side of the altar. I could only see his face. He was larger than the building. His blessing was amplified by the vortex. He had dark, curly, long hair. He had a long beard and moustache and a chiseled nose. His complexion was a bit dark.

The beautiful, blessed altar

the right hand side of Jesus, I saw Archangel Gabriel wearing yellow robes. He was carrying a trumpet. He had long, shoulder length, light hair. Raphael had on blue robes and had slightly darker hair. These two angels had huge wings and they were about ten feet tall. Above them, there were rows of about 100 angels. Archangels Raphael and Gabriel were much bigger than the angels that were standing in rows. The ones in rows were human size. They were wearing robes with a rope around the waist. They angels were non-gendered and they all had long, light, flowing hair.

The main cross was in the middle vorte. This is also where the podium and band were located. Plants were over another and the piano was close to the third. I felt that the vortices really amplified the beauty of the singing and the power of the sermons at this church.

I also sensed that there was water somewhere on the altar and then in asking a parishioner we understood that they did baptisms on the left hand side of the altar.

We had a lay minister called Joel, who spoke on the topic of the shepherds seeing the angels who directed them to the nativity scene. I saw a man standing beside a door on the right side of the altar while Joel was speaking. I didn’t see his face. He was in silhouette. He told me that he was proud of Joel and he conveyed to me that he was part of the father's side of the family. He was deceased. He was roughly 5’10, He was there to give a blessing to Joel.

It was easy to go into trance in this church due to the powerful, positive energy provided the vortices. One of the female singers had the most clear, pristine voices and when she would hit the high notes it sent shivers through my entire body. The musicians were very talented. I spent most of the prayer service with my eyes closed in meditation. High octave notes have a frequency that is divine, thus bringing in the healing energies of angels and God. Higher sound frequency are from the crown chakra, which is associated with God and spirit. Singing at that frequency opens up the crown chakra so that the light of God can flood the body with God’s love. Hearing high notes often causes shivers or rocking of the body or even crying to those who are open and in tune. Heightening the frequency of the room permits everyone in the chapel to start vibrating at a higher frequency. The permits everyone to be closer to God. The vortex on the left side of the stage amplified the energy of love and devotion from the singers and musicians. This made the songs so powerfully moving and healing. The singers are truly blessed by these vortices and the spirit that comes through them.

I could feel the power of this church opening my throat and heart chakra. My feeling was that this church would really open parishioners so they could receive God’s healing love. The opening of the throat chakra likely enabled the community to bond well.

After the service was over, some of the parishioners came and spoke to us. There were so many young families at the church and Sunday school was full. I credit this to the opening of the heart and throat chakras caused by the vortices. I think this would cause the community to be very supportive of its members. The parishioners agreed that the church was very active and that the congregation was like one big family.

Then Taras approached Joel and congratulated him on his first sermon. He also asked him if his grandfather had passed away. Joel said that he had and said that his grandfather often gave sermons. Taras mentioned my vision and told him his grandfather had been standing there when he was delivering his sermon and conveyed that he was proud of him for continuing the family tradition. Joel was very disturbed by this and said that his faith told him that souls go to God after they pass. I explained that he was situated right under Jesus and that he had gone to God but had the opportunity to witness him giving his first sermon. This did not sit well with Joel. He felt uncomfortable hearing about my visions and started reading from the bible about the devil giving people visions. I asked him if he found it ironic that he had given a speech on the messengers who heard the angels guide them to Jesus and here I was, delivering a sacred message and he was doubting me.

At this point, a senior pastor came over and said that it wasn’t that he did not believe me, but that the congregation would have to review what I was saying and decide if it as accurate or if it felt like the work of the devil. I appreciated this approach even though I felt a little slighted. I know that there are many people who claim to have visions or many people with mental health concerns that frequent holy paces and share their visions. I was just happy to be able to share Joel’s grandpa’s message.

Joel and the preacher said a prayer to bless us with clarity and to protect us from the devil and we went on our way. In Joel’s prayer to us, he made a point of saying that we find the narrow path to salvation through Jesus’ love. It was so obvious his sermon was how one should keep their ears open for hearing God’s words, and yet when presented with a spiritual message Joel could not accept that this was possible. He said that there is a very narrow path to attaining heaven and that Jesus is the only way. In visiting so many holy places, I’m of the opinion that God’s arms and heart are open wide to those who seek refuge. There is not a narrow path to God, but a huge highway accepting all who are willing to be humble in their faith and awe of God. I understand the need for discernment when dealing with visions and messages. I have had personal experience with lower realm spirits coming to me with messages that I knew were not valid. I am happy that the elders of this church have the approach of asking for clarity through prayer. I was honoured to be a part of this healing ceremony and am happy to have seen such a sacred holy place of worship.