Join me for a course where I will share With you the depths of what I've learned in over 20 years of knowledge, training and experience

Manifesting With 5 Elements

This 6 week course teaches you how to work with the 5 sacred elements.  The elements are the building blocks of creation so developing a strong relationship with them helps you connect to your powers of manifesting! 

Spiritual Boot Camp

Give yourself 6 weeks to learn spiritual techniques that will change your life!


Reiki is a beautiful system of energy healing.  It's a wonderful introduction to the world of energy. 

I have worked with other healers, and what stood out to me about Christine is how well she can "see."  Her gift is really truly amazing.  There are things that she knows without any rational way of knowing. I was able to connect and communicate with deceased family, and was deeply comforted.  What I also really appreciate about her is how well she can explain what she sees, and how patient she is in answering questions.  Christine is very dedicated to the growth and improvement of those she helps, and I have experienced this countless times with her over the years.  She is warm and compassionate.  She truly cares.  I also enjoy her sense of humour and outlook on life, it has helped me to lighten my view of life as well.

Jessica Klassen

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