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As a visually impaired girl, I was often not part of the crowd.

At an early age I loved going off on my own to meditate and connect with nature. 

In grade 3 a team from UNICEF came to school and showed us a film of a project in Africa.  I decided at the age of 10 that I wanted to go somewhere and "help" people too.

I began learning yoga at the age of 12 when my teachers finally realized that baseball might not be my thing!   I fell in love with it!  It was one more way that I could go deeper into the moment and deeper into understanding myself.

At the same age I went to a multicultural festival where I was introduced to Indian culture.  I loved everything about it.  The food was incredible.  As a vegetarian kid I was so happy to find out that food could be spiced and exciting!  Saved from the world of mashed potatoes!

I vowed that one day I would study Indian Classical dance!

At 19 that dream came true and I spent  the next 5 years studying Bharatha Natyam.  This dance style enabled me to express my feelings with my entire body!  

3 Magical Years in India

When I was 21 I went to India to further my studies in yoga and Indian Classical Dance and volunteer in orphanages!


​I began to study Ayurveda there.  I learned how to eat foods that would support my spiritual and physical health.

I learned how to live in rhythm with the lunar cycle.

I learned Vedic chanting and Vedic Palmistry.

My Dance with Fire

In 2010 I was burned during a festival in our temple when my sari caught on fire.
I had severe scarring and nerve damage on my left leg and suffered from PTSD. My mother requested all of my friends who were healers to offer energy healing.
I was told I would need three surgeries to deal with my scars and that even after that I may not be able to teach yoga.
I worked hard at regaining my flexibility and taught my first class two months after my injury.
Herbal oils healed my skin and meditation and yoga helped skin grow where doctors were sure more grafting would be required.
​I visited a psychiatrist who was amazed that I used meditation and Pranic healing to recover in three months from PTSD while others struggle their entire lives.
This injury tested my faith and my dedication to the healing arts.
It made me realize how truly powerful nature is and gave me the oppourtunity to test everything I had learned.  I consider it my Phd Thesis.
Fire taught me so much about myself and finally helped me see that I had a special gift that I could offer.  That gift was simply - me.  I embraced the fact that what had been considered a disability was actually my offer to the world.  It took me forty years to realize that I was visually impaired so that I could enter deeper mind states and do readings for people.
I finally understand that I am differently sited and my vision is a gift that I can use to see people's unique gifts and the obstacles in the way to their success.
i want you to know that you are gifted and your life events have been guiding you on the path to your purpose since you were born. There is nothing that you have experienced that is not part of your purpose!
I love working with people to heal pain and connect them to beauty.
I connect to beauty that others do not see because they are distracted by other things.  I hear the birds singing love songs from spirit!  I smell the celebration of the earth in her anticipation for the rain.  I see beauty in the hearts of people that society castes aside.
If there was one thing I could do everyday it would be to connect people to this beauty that is infused in every drop of the ether that surrounds us!



Healing After Abuse


Spiritual Healing

Digestive Health

Recovering from PTSD


Parts Healing

What People Say

I have worked with other healers, and what stood out to me about Christine is how well she can "see."  Her gift is really truly amazing.  There are things that she knows without any rational way of knowing. I was able to connect and communicate with deceased family, and was deeply comforted.  What I also really appreciate about her is how well she can explain what she sees, and how patient she is in answering questions.  Christine is very dedicated to the growth and improvement of those she helps, and I have experienced this countless times with her over the years.  She is warm and compassionate.  She truly cares.  I also enjoy her sense of humour and outlook on life, it has helped me to lighten my view of life as well.

Jessica Klassen

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