It's time for an inner revolution!

It's time for you to feel alive and connected to your true, natural self!

The time is now to know your true essence, your essence of love and joy

Sure everything feels unpredictable, that's because our old system of competition and consumerism is out dated.  We are on the verge of huge change and the era of the empath or spiritual seeker ahs finally come!

Namaste - I witness you as a sacred being of love!

Step 1 - Take the Empath Quiz

If you have felt extra open hearted your entire life, fear not.  You are who the planet has been waiting for!  We are in an upward swing of consciousness moving from the dark era, striding toward the light!


Your compassion is the transformational fire we have been longing for..


If you are not an empath you may have been born with the gift of clear boundaries and strong vision.  We need your clear mind and inner strength to help bring the new world to life!

It's time to embrace our sacred gifts and remember that every tree, rock and living being has its own significance.  As we move out of the dark we remember that all beings are sacred and we are all here to support each other.

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Intuitive Readings

I will read your aura and chakras to help identify your spiritual guides, strengthens and life direction.  


Spiritual Coaching

I offer coaching for healers looking for training, empaths looking for empowerment and people who want to learn how to connect to nature to enhance their lives.

Space Healing

Spaces sometimes get congested with energy.  Sometimes there are vortexes that increase spirit activity.  I can help you balance your home or office space for peace and abundance.


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5 Elements Course

The 5 Elements are the building blocks of the manifest  world.  Working with them is the first step in manifesting.  This course is hosted on DailyOM  Pay what you wish.


Reiki Training

Reiki is the practice or working with healing energy.  I teach many varieties of Reiki. 

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Empowered Empath

Discover 5 important tools to help you step out of overwhelm and into empowerment.  Empaths have the gifts needed to heal out planet  We love and need you and your time is NOW!